Jacqueline Birtwisle |

Breakfast boost

Nutritionist Jacqueline Birtwisle suggests a smoothie that will top your vitamin E and magnesium levels.

Though nominally a breakfast smoothie, this drink could be enjoyed at any time during the day when a nutritional boost is needed. It provides low glycaemic index carbohydrate foods and is packed with essential nutrients.


1 frozen banana
2 tablespoons (50g) roasted (salted) peanuts or almonds
2 tablespoons (10g) wheatgerm
2 tablespoons whole rolled porridge oats 
2 heaped teaspoons honey
125ml skimmed milk
125g low fat yoghurt – e.g. vanilla or peach flavoured

How to make it

Blend the milk and yoghurt together, add the banana and blend until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and blend to the desired consistency – add more milk if preferred.

Why’s this recipe good for rowers?

Peanuts, wheatgerm and porridge oats are all great for vitamin E – an antioxidant vitamin that is needed as part of a balanced diet to protect cells against the damaging effects of intense exercise.

This smoothie is also high in magnesium, required to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, good for a healthy immune system, maintaining heart rhythm, and building strong bones.

Nutritional content per serving

334 calories
50g (high) carbohydrate
12.3g (high) protein
10.7g fat (moderate to low saturated)