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Get smart with your nutrition!

Hatty Bates looks at how you can support your training with a realistic nutrition strategy in 2022

The first few weeks of the year are always a great time to set achievable and appropriate goals, as well as focusing on small changes in behaviour which are easy to maintain. Read on to explore how you can use the “SMART” acronym to set health and nutrition goals in 2022.

1 – Specific

We may want to start the new year wanting to be “healthier” or “fitter” and to “improve rowing performance”. Although both these goals are great to strive towards, they are broad and could encompass many different elements. Try and think about what you really want to achieve this year. As an example, specific nutrition goals to help improve rowing performance could include the likes of:

  • Having a carbohydrate-rich meal prior to training sessions such as porridge or a jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn. Appropriate fuelling prior to training will help you be able to train at the appropriate intensity for the duration of the session.
  • Consuming a protein-based snack within an hour of finishing a weight session to support muscle adaptions and recovery. Great examples include Greek yoghurt or milk. Doing this consistently could help improve strength and therefore the ability to generate power when rowing.
  • Including more fruit and vegetables in your diet. This could lead to less frequent bouts of illness, therefore helping you train more consistently and reducing the likelihood of missing training sessions due to feeling ill.

All of these are routes to help improve rowing performance as well as being healthier.


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