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Staying hydrated in cold temperatures

Hatty Bates explores why it’s important to stay hydrated and suggests some healthy strategies

Hydration is crucial for good health and to keep our bodies performing at their best. Throughout the summer, we may be more considerate of what and how much we drink; the days are warmer, we visibly sweat more, and a cold glass of water feels much more appealing. However, even in the winter months, we are still at risk of becoming dehydrated.

Not only do lower temperatures mean that we are likely to drink less, but factors such as heating, a decreased thirst response and wrapping up warm causing us to sweat more could increase the likelihood of becoming dehydrated. This article will answer some commonly asked questions about how to stay hydrated throughout the winter.

How much fluid should I be drinking?

As a rough guide, on a rest day aim to have a minimum of two litres of fluid, or approximately 35ml/kg body weight. This can easily be achieved by adopting some simple and easy habits such as:

  • Drink a pint of water alongside all main meals.
  • Have a glass of juice (150ml) first thing in the morning.
  • Set a reminder to drink.
  • Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day.
  • If it will encourage you to drink more, add flavour to you water such as lemon, cucumber, or cordial.

Remember on training days you will need to drink more than two litres (or 35ml/kg) to replace the fluids you have lost through sweating.


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