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4 easy-to-adopt eating habits to support rowing performance

For rowers at any level, adopting good habits away from training is really important if you want to stay in good physical and mental health and achieve your potential. Hatty Bates discusses four beneficial eating habits to support rowing performance and training

Eating habit 1: Always have a first breakfast

It’s not unusual for rowers to start training very early in the morning before heading off to work or class, or even just to get the best conditions at the weekends.

Regardless of the times of day, training sessions need to be sufficiently fuelled to be able to train at the right intensity for the duration of the session. And that remains true whether you’re on the water, the erg, or in the gym. Following a good night’s sleep, the body’s battery stores are likely to be slightly depleted. Therefore, it is important to ‘recharge’ these batteries by having a carbohydrate-rich breakfast beforehand.


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