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Winter wisdom: How to train and stay healthy in the cold

British Rowing Plus has a wealth of features about various aspects of winter rowing to support you through the remainder of the winter. These top 10 articles covering sports science, coaching, staying healthy, nutrition and sleep will help you get the most from your winter training so you’re ready to perform at your best once the weather warms up again.

The sport science of winter training

Understanding the ‘why’ of training in cold weather can help you persevere when the going seems tough.

Winter coaching

Winter’s tough on coaches as well as their athletes, so ‘coach care’ is important too.

Staying healthy

Winter nutrition

What you eat in winter is important, both for fuel, and for helping your immune system to keep bugs at bay, or recover from them if you succumb.

Sleeping well in winter

Like eating well, getting a good night’s sleep is important all the year round, of course, but it’s particularly important in winter to ensure your immune systems is in tip-top shape.

Photo credit: Glyn (Peterborough City RC)