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Can I train smarter in 2022?

Award-winning blogger and journalist Patricia Carswell has given herself three areas to improve on as she seeks to balances the demands of life and rowing. She is pictured above racing at the 2019 World Masters on Lake Velence. Read her latest blog below

It was all going so well. With a new coach adding extra incentive, I’d thrown myself into winter training with gusto. After a frankly pitiful score in an erg test, there was work to be done and I was here for it.

Following my own advice, I found a way to train through the Christmas holidays, indoor rowing and doing weights when I could and arming myself with resistance bands and online HIIT workouts when I couldn’t.

But then – yup, you guessed it – disaster struck. A niggle in my knee turned into a full-blown injury. Rowing was out of the question. And instead of leaping energetically into the new year, I greeted 2022 at a slow hobble.

It’s a familiar pattern – I train, I overtrain, I get injured, rinse and repeat. So as I reluctantly ploughed up and down the local swimming pool this morning, I got thinking – can I find a way to train smarter in 2022?

I suspect most masters rowers grapple with how to get fitter, stronger and faster without pulling a hamstring, tweaking a back or wrenching a shoulder; how to train competitively without overtraining; and how to balance a regime that gives us the edge with all the demands of work and home and family.


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