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‘I still row because I love the river experience and the camaraderie’

Masters rower Liz McVeigh from Medway Towns RC shares her passion for the sport and masters community

I love getting out on the water with the older veteran group (Masters H plus) at our club on a Tuesday and Thursday morning, occasionally being joined by younger members of the club when available. We also all enjoyed the company of two Cambridge undergraduates (unknown to each other before they arrived) last summer and over the holidays. They are just starting their rowing adventure and didn’t seem to mind at all the 50-year-plus age gap to crew members when learning from us all. Their sculling has improved no end, and I am sure will add to their sweep oar skills at university. I find it quite extraordinary how youngsters today don’t seem to worry about age – I recall going to my first eight’s race, when I was already 24, with someone of 32 and I was horrified, being convinced that she was far too old… but we won so I began to get over this age issue…


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