Patricia Carswell |

How to stay fit in the festive season

Award-winning blogger and journalist, Patricia Carswell, shares her tips for training against all the odds over Christmas in her latest blog – Life on the River

There’s no getting away from the fact that staying fit in the festive season is a challenge.

There are so many factors conspiring against us. The frantic push to get desks cleared before the Christmas break. Last-minute shopping (what on earth do teenage nieces and nephews actually want?). Kids off school, fizzing with excitement and demanding to be entertained. Family obligations. Tables groaning with food and drink (the cheese, the cheese!)… Crewmates away, wrapped up in their own festive dramas. Plunging temperatures. And daylight making just the briefest of appearances before plunging us back into darkness. Small wonder that even the most determined person finds the usual regime ends up in tatters along with the Christmas wrapping paper.


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