Beccy Muzerie |

Team selection – the art of not estimating

Beccy Muzerie is racing in the GB women’s eight this weekend. She shares her thoughts on how she manages the stress of team selection

Selection is brutal. It never works out well for everyone. There is always someone who is overjoyed, and someone who is distraught. Someone whose dreams have come true, someone who feels like the floor has dropped beneath them.

This is hard in a close-knit team where you train alongside each other day in, day out. Even if you get the seat you wanted, you live the highs and lows of your friends alongside your own emotional experiences.

The actual discussion around who sits in what boat is not something we as athletes have a role in. To be honest, I am thankful for that as those are not easy decisions.

“I have learnt to manage the stress of competing against my friends by keeping my focus internal”

Our job as athletes is to put our best performances out there to give ourselves the best chance of being selected, and the coaches the best chance of putting the fastest crews together. But doing the best you can when it comes to that day of testing is sometimes easier to say than to do.


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