Vicky Thornley |

How to recover mind and body

Olympic silver medallist Vicky Thornley shares her top tips on relaxing and scheduling recovery time in a busy world!

Life can sometimes get on top of us. We can have an endless to do list and not enough hours in the day. The to-do list can be work related, but it can also include such things as, checking in on a neighbour or getting a quick workout in after work. However, very rarely does our list schedule in ‘recovery time’.

Recovery time can be anything that you find relaxing, or anything that gives you the time to switch off from your daily stressors. Today, stressors can be environmental, such as a work deadline, or psychological, such as persistent worry about relationship troubles. Of course, at times, stress can be a good thing. It enables us to perform at our best, whether that is at work or in your chosen sport.

Also physical stress on the body during exercise is essential to trigger adaptation, to make us stronger and fitter. Problems can occur though when these stressors become too much and your recovery time isn’t sufficient. Let’s dig a bit more into the science.


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