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Pilates 7: Squats and lunges

Wendy Davies suggests three exercises to improve your stability and alignment when land training

If you’re doing a lot more land work and weights, this will be putting different demands on your body. Poor technique can lead to injuries, so we are going to focus on increasing stability of the upper body, and promoting good knee and hip alignment for squatting and lunging.

These exercises will help you stay injury free and get the most out of your land training.


2 exercises: Plank with shoulder tap and standing single leg squat

Exercise 1: Plank with shoulder tap


  • Don’t let your chest or hips drop.
  • Don’t push your bottom up.

How to increase the challenge

  • Perform press-ups, touching the opposite shoulder after each one.

Exercise 2: Standing single leg squat tips


  • Try not to let your knee wobble, and don’t snap it back into a straight position at the end of the movement.

How to increase the challenge

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell.
  • Perform the squat while pulling on a cable cord from the side of your body.
Exercise 3: Forward lunge

Exercise 3: Forward lunge


  • Keep your hips facing forwards.

How to increase the challenge

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • When in the lunge position, pass a kettlebell under the thigh before returning to the start position.

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