Sophie Bashford |

How do you cope with racing and training stress?

Life has highs and lows – Sophie Bashford, Senior Performance Psychologist at British Rowing, gives advice for surviving stress, emotional or mental struggles

In this article, Sophie guides us through a psychological exploration of concepts such as challenge, stressors, pressure, and coping. It’s all about developing healthy and helpful coping strategies given such experiences are an inevitable part of our human experience. She has written this from an applied perspective in the hope that you’ll be able to apply any learnings to your own daily situation with an openness, curiosity, and acceptance.

Over to Sophie…

‘Acceptance and Commitment Therapy’ (or ACT) gave me a true sense of connection and authenticity as a performance psychologist, and is a central part of my philosophy and applied practice. One of ACT’s core assumptions is that we cannot avoid, ignore, or change our painful or uncomfortable experiences in life. It is inevitable that we will experience pain throughout our existence, yet we can still live a rich and meaningful life.


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