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Exams and rowing training? GB rower and medical student Sam Bannister shares five top tips for success

It’s that time of year when the pressure rises. Read on for some practical strategies to help you perform your best in the exam hall and on the water

Sculling and sweep, bow-side and stroke-side, head racing and regatta racing; rowing is a sport full of polarities. The same is true of the need to balance training and racing with schoolwork and exams. It can be all too easy to sacrifice one in favour of another or fall into the trap of believing you can only truly succeed at one. In fact, striking a balance between training and academics can push you to achieve more in both fields, so long as you approach it with the right attitude. 

To give you an idea of what this balance might look like in the real world, we’ve collected tips from members of the Junior Rowing News Team currently undertaking their GCSE and A-Level exams, and Sam Bannister, a member of the GB Rowing Team and clinical medical student at St George’s, University of London. 


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