Sarah Gilchrist |

Winter sleep strategies

Good sleep health requires a good dose of daylight – not always easy during the winter. Sleep specialist Dr Sarah Gilchrist is here to help you achieve a nourishing night’s sleep

Winter is still here. Of the many different ways to navigate the chilly months, having good sleep health is one of them, not least because of its importance for our overall physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Collectively, sleep health refers to having a good sleep routine (regular bed and get up times), adequate sleep duration (healthy adults tend to need between seven to nine hours), appropriate timing of sleep (typically, a solid nightly sleep phase), absence of a sleep disorder and good quality sleep (deep sleep with minimal restlessness). In addition, we need a good daily dose of daylight and of the many factors affecting sleep health, limited daylight is a significant contributing factor to poor sleep health, no more so than during the winter months.


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