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The Junior Rowing News guide to rowing machine workouts

Rose Crawford from Junior Rowing News outlines seven great workouts for you to try on the rowing machine whenever you can’t get out on the water

Those of us not lucky enough to be able to train on the water during the winter become very familiar with the rowing machine. Here is a compilation of some of the best and most testing workouts to help you get through the winter months.

Workout 1# – 30 minutes at stroke rate 20

This is probably my favourite rowing machine workout out of the big three – 2K, 5K and 30 minutes. I know it is the longest, but with some good music and a good rhythm, it is the most bearable. Also, if you do this workout with other people, you will all finish at the same time, unlike the distance ones, so no one is still going at the end by themselves.

Pacing is key for this one, as is mental toughness. You can also mix this workout up by doing the first 10 minutes at rate 18, the second 10 minutes at rate 20 and the last 10 minutes at rate 22, which makes it a little easier for pacing. As you are coming into the last 10 minutes, the slightly higher rate helps to lower your split.


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