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Week 1 Endurance (BRVC)

We’ve pulled together a five-week endurance training plan ahead of the British Rowing Virtual Championships in September. This plan is aimed at those taking part in the 30 minute Challenge Row, or is a good one for anyone wanting to build their endurance on the indoor rowing machine.

Session 1

Session 1 is your landmark row. You could consider splitting this up into two rows with a short break in between to give you time to stretch, hydrate and eat if required.

Session 1

Row 40 minutes
Notes 22spm
RPE 6-7

Session 2

Session 2 is a lighter session, but again you can consider splitting the session up and including a short five minute break in between sets to stretch, rehydrate and eat.

Session 2

Row 8km
Notes 20spm
RPE 4-6

Session 3

Session 3 is your cross training session. The modality is up to you, but it should be something that keeps your heart rate slightly raised for the duration of the session.

Session 3

Duration 60 minutes
RPE 3-4


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