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Week 1 – 100m BRVC training plan

Phil Clapp has pulled together a 100m training plan ahead of the British Rowing Virtual Championships in September. The plan is aimed at those taking part in the 100m Super Sprint event but would suit anyone looking to improve their ability to sprint on the indoor rowing machine.

Guidance to support the plan can be found here.

Session 1

This is one of Phil’s favourite sprinting sessions as you can really push on each effort while there is enough rest to just about recover between. The first effort is from a standing start with the remaining efforts from a rolling start. The repeating efforts should give you a good opportunity to practice sprint technique while maintaining quality. As a starting point try to aim for your 500m split or just faster.

Session 1

Row 8 x 100m rolling intervals
Notes 45+ spm
Rest 2 minutes

Session 2

The aim of this session is to practise the first few strokes of the race while getting up to maximum power output. Each effort is from a standing start, ideally with the flywheel of the machine having come to a complete stop to replicate race conditions. Try not to row any shorter than ½ slide for these starts as you ideally want to try and keep some stroke length while driving as hard as physically possible to generate the most power! Focus on attacking from the standing start and getting to maximum speed by your 3rd or 4th stroke. The long rest periods are there to enable top quality maximal efforts!

Session 2

Row 4 x 4 stroke start, 1min rest, 100m
Notes 44+ spm
Rest 6 minutes between sets
RPE 10


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