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‘Sport has to be a place where women feel like they belong, truly belong and [where] they can show up as themselves’

On International Women’s Day Dr Emma Ross talks about the importance of exploring female athlete health to Rebecca Charlton

Dr Emma Ross is a co-founder and co-CEO of The Well HQ, a resource for women with a strapline that reads, “From puberty to menopause, this is health and training through the female filter.” Ross and the team are starting crucial conversations around topics that seem so blindingly obvious to some people – yet are still not being had at a fundamental level in women’s sport.

Menstrual cycles, breast support and puberty, just a few factors that significantly affect the female athlete yet often topics that are put to one side and disregarded as embarrassing or too difficult. This International Women’s Day, Ross sat down with our writer, Rebecca Charlton, to discuss why her mission isn’t complete yet.

In the months following the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, Great Britain was dubbed a ‘sporting superpower’, but it left women’s health and performance expert Dr Emma Ross pondering what was still left to do.

“We won more medals than ever and finished second in the table. It was exceptional, but how could we continue to improve?” Ross explains she didn’t see the answer in the phrase popular by then – ‘marginal gains’ – but by “tapping into something more fundamental – the female part of the female athlete.”


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