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Dealing with uncertainty

Jurg Gotz, Coach Developer of the GB Rowing Team and Sophie Bashford, GB Rowing Team Psychologist, discuss dealing with uncertainty

The COVID-19 health crisis continues to create uncertainty across the rowing community. We’re all aware that the current circumstances have affected the physical and mental health of those directly and indirectly impacted by the crisis.

In our autumn webinar series, Jurg Gotz and Sophie Bashford discussed managing uncertainty and how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Scroll down to watch the webinar.

Sophie has also shared her top six tips for dealing with our uncertain times:

  1. Acknowledge the current reality we are in
    Recognise the challenges, name the positives and just take a moment to pause and appreciate how you have already navigated such a challenging time – show yourself a little self-compassion
  2. Take a moment to check in with people
    How are they? Are they okay? Take a moment in your calls, or pick up your phone to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  3. Consider three things
    The things you can’t control, the things you can perhaps influence, and the things you can control.
    This helps focus your attention in the most helpful places and practise the skill of acceptance for other things.
  4. Be aware of your emotions and thoughts
    Name them, decide if they are unhelpful or helpful and take action towards something that is more helpful.
  5. Take a moment to write down the things that give you energy and the things that zap your energy and the actions you will take today or this week to look after yourself, re-energise and practise some self-care. Try and do at least one thing a day for you!!
  6. Continue to be adaptable and agile to the changing situation
    Allow yourself some wriggle room and continue to see the opportunities and the potential that lies in the changing landscapes.

You can watch the full webinar with Sophie and Jurg below: