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New Year’s resolutions: Rowing edition

Have you thought about setting New Year’s resolutions related to your rowing? Need some inspiration? JRN asked members of the junior and student rowing community what they’ll be focusing on heading into 2023 and provided a little guidance on how to go about achieving them

Top tips

Tip 1: We all know that most New Year’s resolutions don’t last beyond the first few weeks of January. At the end of this article you’ll find some practical ideas for what you can do to ensure they keep motivating you throughout the year.
Tip 2: To be effective, make sure your New Year’s Resolutions are SMART.

Resolution: Go below seven minutes/eight minutes on a 2km ergo

For many, ergo results are the holy grail of the sport. And we all know that the 2km row is the ultimate test of strength, both physically and mentally. The constant struggle to shave that score down by seconds or metres is an ongoing narrative within each rower’s training plan.

How to achieve it

It’s easy to set your sights on going below a certain threshold i.e. seven minutes for a boy or eight minutes for a girl, which both represent very competent scores.

Like most ergo pieces, the best way to approach this goal is with structure and a clear pathway to achieving the score you want. Give yourself at least eight weeks from starting the journey to seeing notable improvements in your scores. Factor other training methods – weights, cardio, cross-training – into your program to help condition varying muscle groups, as the ergo will test them all.


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