Sarah Moseley |

Female athlete tips: maximising your health and performance

GB Rowing Team Sport Scientist Sarah Moseley explores female health and spotlights areas that female athletes may need to adjust to optimise their performance

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games marked the highest level of female participation in Olympic history at 45%. This is a substantial rise compared to the 20.7% some 30 years earlier in Montreal. As female participation, performance, and professionalism continues to increase, so must our understanding of how to support and optimise female athletic health and performance.

It is well recognised that there are physiological, anatomical, and hormonal differences between males and females. Despite this, females are typically trained in a comparable manner to their male counterparts. This is not too surprising given that females are significantly underrepresented in sport and exercise research, with only 39% of participants from three leading sport science journals being female.


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