Patricia Carswell |

Life on the river: rest – our training secret weapon

Award-winning blogger and journalist, Patricia Carswell, shares her latest rowing adventures in her exclusive British Rowing blog – Life on the river

Remember those strange, uncertain, early weeks of lockdown? In common with many people, I spent them in a jittery, frenzied state of mind. By night, I’d lie awake with my mind racing, running through plans that would have to be changed and fretting about loved ones far away in self-isolation. By day, I’d beetle about the place being ridiculously busy.

With much of my work falling away and with nowhere to go, I buzzed around the house fulfilling every lockdown cliché going. Tiger King – got the t-shirt (literally, for my husband’s lockdown birthday). Sourdough – got the starter. Zoom – got the app (and eventually managed to unmute myself).


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