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Is it better to exercise alone or with your club mates?

Dr Mark Homer, GB Rowing Team Head of High Performance Science and Medicine, reviews a relevant survey to discover whether it’s actually better to train on your own, rather than with other people

An interesting study from the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology (ICEA) in Oxford, examined the effect of rowing on a rowing machine in synchrony or alone and how it affects levels of pain threshold. The results may affect whether you choose to train in the garage on your own, or ‘down the club’ with the rest of the crew.

The study

Emma Cohen et al (2010) recruited the Oxford University BC squad and asked them to complete four separate 45 minute ergometer training sessions at the same power output, within two weeks. The intensity is not reported, but given the length and the need to replicate the power output four times, I assume it was relatively ‘steady-state’.


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