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Five common mistakes to avoid when racing Tideway heads

There’s no doubt that the Thames Tideway is a famously challenging stretch of water on which to race. It’s long, it’s wide and exposed to the elements, and it’s complicated to steer with tidal stream and multiple bridges. With input from junior and senior athletes who have done their fair share of Tideway racing, Amélie from JRN explores some of the most common mistakes to avoid, especially in bleak, winter conditions.

Tideway mistake 1: Not doing your homework

All of the athletes interviewed here agreed that not knowing the details of the course and where you want to be on it is the number one mistake that crews make every year. Ben Rich of Tyrian Club, who has over a decade of experience coxing on the Tideway and has coached at University of London Boat Club, highlights that knowing your boat’s placement in the stream is essential but often overlooked. “The stream is usually only three or four metres wide,” he explains, “making sure you’re in the right place can shave up to 30 seconds off your finish time”.


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