Sophie Bashford |

Is your team high-risk or high-performing?

High-performing teams often have six key characteristics which may contribute to your crew’s performance on the water. Sophie Bashford, British Rowing’s Senior Performance Psychologist, explains more below

In the following article, Sophie talks us through the underpinnings of a successful team. What Sophie perceives to contribute to team effectiveness is a combination of what she has learnt from a theoretical knowledge base, applied practice and contextual learnings. So if your team or crew is looking to perform to its best on the water then hopefully this will be a valuable read.

The function of effective and ineffective teams or ‘high-performing teams’ has long been a researched topic within the sporting world and extends towards and beyond business, military, healthcare, and many other performance settings. There is a widespread interest in understanding what makes a unique set of individuals effective when they come together to work towards achieving collective excellence as one team. This curiosity has grown from the knowledge and respect that effective high-performing teams are not simply a result of bringing together a set of successful and talented individuals and hoping they collaborate well.


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