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Club Guides in focus: Club Governance and Club Management

Continuing our series on the British Rowing Club Guides, Zoe Gullen explores the Club Governance and Club Management Guides, highlighting topics such as membership, increasing club income, transporting trailers, club welfare, committees and succession planning

Rowing clubs, though almost always volunteer-run, are businesses and need effective management to be dynamic, safe environments for members to achieve their aims. British Rowing’s Club Management Guide, developed to provide a management framework and support growth, is comprehensive but not prescriptive, so clubs can tailor the advice to their own circumstances, and features case studies of clubs around the country as real-life examples of how to put things into practice. You can download all our Club Guides here.

The Club Management Guide

The membership is the reason for any club’s existence, and one of the main revenue streams, so it is vital clubs ensure members feel that they are getting value for money, and are supported and valued in achieving their aims.

The guide identifies six ‘key ingredients’ not merely for retention, but also to deliver the best possible experience for members. These will help clubs to understand and engage with their members, to engender a strong sense of community, and to enable and empower members to give back. It stresses the importance of effective communication and celebrating achievements, but also of being honest about what isn’t working, and why members might choose to leave.


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