Robin Williams |

Technique: to rate high or not to rate high?

What are the pros and cons of crews rating high? Coach consultant Robin Williams provides the key insights

As we gradually emerge from COVID restrictions and Britain’s rowers can enjoy the prospect of training back on the water, regattas will be starting again. Back in 2019 there was a lot of towpath discussion about how many crews seem to be rating higher these days, particularly the international ones we see on TV.

Historically, it is not the first time we’ve seen this trend, but what are the pros and cons?

Does it follow that all international crews will go down this route, and what about schools, clubs and universities? You have to weigh up many factors like technical skill, fitness, race distance, gearing, tactics, boat type and stroke length – just to mention a few. So, with people no doubt itching to get back into live racing, let’s take a look.


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