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Recovery: refuel, rebuild and rehydrate

Hatty Bates, Performance Nutritionist for British Rowing, shares advice on recovery strategies to help you maximise your training

A crucial component of any rower’s recovery strategy is nutrition. Post-training nutritional strategies aim to refuel and rehydrate the body, promote muscle repair and growth, enhance training adaptations and support the immune system. This article will explore the idea of the three “Rs” of recovery – refuel, rebuild and rehydrate.

A two-step process: before and after training

Some rowers may benefit from splitting their recovery strategies into two parts with a post-training snack first, followed by a post-training meal. Aim to have a post-training snack as soon as possible, or within one hour of finishing training. This is often referred to as the “window of opportunity” and is when your muscles are best primed to use nutrients, especially carbohydrate. In addition, it is important to have a post-training meal which should be consumed within two to three hours after training.  


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