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Keep coaching fun: managing the return to rowing

After a long winter of lockdown, the rowing community is back on the water. Joanne Harris catches up with three coaches and asks them for their top tips for those early sessions

While schools have been able to offer organised sport since early March, club crews have only recently been able to start rowing back on the water, so what does this mean for coaches as they plan their sessions?

The rest of the 2021 season remains somewhat up in the air. The age-old pattern of the summer season, with the weeks marked out by the big multi-lane regattas leading up to National Schools, Henley Women’s or Henley Royal, followed by pot-hunting in the sun, will be very different this year.

The uncertainty and lockdowns will undoubtedly have an impact on how the next few weeks are approached. Everyone is impatient to be rowing again, but too much too soon, or too hard too soon, could well backfire with the risk of injuries, loss of motivation and burnout all concerns held by coaches.

“You’ve got to be quite structured about it and there are three areas to focus on,” says Carol Cornell, who coaches at Tiffin School and is a member of Walton Rowing Club.


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