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Week 3 – Stronger (S&C)

Mobility Circuit

Before each session you should complete a mobility circuit to get your body ready to work.

Swing arms across chest1 minute at various angles
Hamstring swings30 seconds each leg
Hip flexor stretch30 seconds each side
Rock back to plank position1 minute
Cat stretch1 minute

Session 1

You’re adding some load this week. To keep progress steady we recommend no more than a 10% increase to allow you to maintain form through all reps and sets in the session.

Session 2

Your legs are going to experience an increase in load this week too, but the number of reps you have to complete has dropped to reflect this increase. This training plan will constantly be challenging you from one week to the next, in a progressive way, so you can build on the results from week to week. 

Session 3

This session sees an increase in load, to reflect that which you experienced earlier in the week. It’s important to maintain that effort level and not drop back, so you continue to improve your strength.