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Go Row Indoor 20-minute workout #1 – the interval workout

Join Clare, Ashley and Emily for the highly anticipated follow up to our original 20-minute indoor rowing workout.

Warm up, start rowing and get fit by rowing along with Go Row Indoor Instructor Clare.

Indoor rowing is the perfect workout, helping you to get fit and tone-up, fast. It’s easy to get started and you’ll see the benefits of indoor rowing in no time.

Here are some exercise adaptions for the circuit exercises you can use if you have an impairment.

If you can’t do a press up, do a one legged squat or a seated or upright twist.

If you can’t do a pulse lunge, you could do a one arm wide grip row using a resistance band.

If you can’t do a squat thrust, do a squat or a bicep curl with a resistance band attached to the front of the machine.