Craig Williams |

The three Rs: Rest, refuelling and recovery for rowers

Former GB Rowing Team physiologist Craig Williams provides advice on how you can reap more rewards from your training sessions

Your training approach is dictated by the recovery methods you employ. Getting the basics right – consistently – is crucial to any training programme. Following the simple formula of refuelling, rehydrating and getting good rest and sleep will help you get more reward for all the effort you are putting in.

1 – Are you getting enough rest?

It’s easy to get lost in the ‘I feel tired all the time’ minefield. Which must mean you’re improving? Well, maybe not…

Tiredness probably isn’t the aim of the training programme – and, equally, it’s probably not healthy for your performance. So, ask yourself and your coach if you should feel this bad (or perhaps this good?) at this particular stage of the training programme.


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