Indoor rowing training plans

Created with expert input from the GB Rowing Team’s strength and conditioning coaches and physiologists, our indoor rowing training plans are aimed at anyone keen to improve their performance on the rowing machine.

Each plan covers an entire eight week period, with each session designed to reflect the specific outcome (to become fitter, faster or stronger).

Looking for guidance on technique, workout videos, and the complete range of training plans? is packed with advice from expert coaches and master trainers to help you achieve your fitness goals on the indoor rowing machine.


A plan with 3 rowing sessions and at least 1 strength session per week for anyone wanting to get fitter using the indoor rowing machine or wanting to improve their performance on it.

The Fitter training plan is supported by expert advice, ranging from Hatty Bates’ nutrition advice to crosstraining ideas from Olympic silver-medalist Vicky Thornley.

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This 8 week programme consists of 3 rowing sessions and 3 strength session per week, all designed to get you quicker on the rowing machine.

This Faster training plan is accompanied by further expert articles, such as HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with British Rowing Master Trainer David Howatson.

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This 8 week plan is all about getting your power increased on the rowing machine, with each week is split into cardio sessions and strength & conditioning sessions.

The Stronger training plan is also supported additional training advice and expert insight, such as this breakdown of the deadlift by Katie James.

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How to follow these training plans

Whilst going through any of our three training plans, you’ll come across detailed exercises focusing on mobility and movement, conditioning, general strength and trunk strength respectively – explanations of each section can be found below:

Mobility and movement control

The aim of our training plans is to improve the ability of your joints, so that they move through their full range of motion, in order to prepare for the session ahead. These exercises should involve:

  • loose, fluid movements
  • full range of motion for joints
  • no stop or hold in a position, but movement throughout the full range of motion.


The aim is to prepare the muscles for the movement they are about to perform. These exercises should involve:

  • a strict tempo of 2 seconds eccentric, 2 seconds concentric
  • a light load – e.g a plate, or bodyweight only
  • full range of motion
  • no stop or hold in a position, but movement throughout the full range of motion.


Perform the exercises following the reps and sets laid out in the programme. This section will improve your body’s strength and power. These exercises should involve:

  • good technique
  • full range of motion
  • a heavier load than the movement control exercises – but you should still be able to complete the full number of reps in each set without a loss of technique.


Strong trunks benefit indoor rowers by improving the connection between the different phases of the stroke (eg the drive: legs, body, arms). These exercises should involve:

  • good technique
  • controlled movement through the full range of motion
  • controlled breathing throughout the exercise, especially during isometric (holding) exercises
  • bodyweight only

Exercise Library

Don’t forget, you can check out how to properly perform each exercise in the training plans with our Exercise Library.