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What to do (with juniors) when you can’t get on the water

Coaches Mark Bavington of Bedford Modern School and Pete Chambers of Marlow RC discuss creative approaches to ’emergency’ land training with Ira Dubey

Picture this: you’ve just got down to the boat club, it’s still dark and it’s five degrees. But the real problem is that the the stream’s roaring past, or the wind’s so bad that twigs are flying past, or even that there’s fog so thick you can’t see the other side of the river. Whatever the reason, you’ve got to cancel rowing for the day. But your squad’s going to start arriving in 10 minutes, and you want to make the most of the training session. What to do?

Organisation is key

When we think of a session off the water, our minds may immediately jump to our sport’s most-treasured piece of equipment – the ergo. If you have a large screen in your training room, one way you can make extra ergo sessions a bit different, is to use British Rowing indoor rowing resources to ‘take’ the workout and give your rowers a change from their usual coach’s voice.

But when you’re stuck indoors for several days or even weeks, more radical alternatives are probably needed.


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