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Masters technique 1#: moving the boat efficiently

Rosie Mayglothling looks at technique and moving a boat efficiently in our latest article for masters

Good technique is only good if it moves the boat effectively. As well as considering the generation of the power required in the drive, there is the contrasting relaxation on the recovery and finally the pathway of the blade. Understanding how each of these makes the boat move will help you to work on your technique. As a masters rower, you are aiming for the same technique as the best rowers in the world, but most of us have a few more limitations. We may be smaller, lighter, and less strong. We may have individual variations on flexibility and mobility. Even at the top of the sport, no two rowers will perform the rowing stroke in the same way, depending on their limb proportions and individual strengths.

What is the secret to moving a boat efficiently?

British Rowing sweep and sculling technique is described as a long, leg-driven stroke. This technique is based on evidence as to how to move the boat most effectively. It sounds very simple, and when executed well, looks simple, but the sequencing is key to getting the body and blade into the right position throughout the stroke.


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