Robin Williams |

The recovery, part 1

Coach consultant Robin Williams explores the recovery phase of the rowing stroke in the first of two articles

The recovery phase is an area of real opportunity when searching for more boat speed. We devote a lot of training time to fitness and strength, so that we can deliver more power and cope with the physical demands of our sport, but total hull speed is the combination of both parts of the stroke, the work and the run.

Sometimes bigger, more powerful crews lose races because they are inefficient in the recovery and harm their own hull speed, so although they deliver more watts of effort, they also apply their own handbrake! In fact, all crews suffer from this to an extent, even Olympic ones. We can’t get away from the fact that the boat decelerates at certain points, but we can do a lot to mitigate it with better technique.

Let’s take a look at the recovery, what goes on, the problems, and some solutions.


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