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Week 8 – Cam Buchan’s 2km plan

Make your 2km row faster

Well done for making it to week eight of Cam Buchan’s 2km training plan. The sessions have been re-arranged slightly this week to prepare you for event day, your re-test, on Saturday. Try and stick to the plan this week to maximise your preparation and best of luck for the final row!

session 1 – monday (optional)

Row 30 minutes
Rate 18-20
HR 40-60%
RPE 3-4
Rest None

session 2- Tuesday (recommended)

Row 2 x 20 minutes
Rate 18-20
HR 60-75%
RPE 5-6
Rest 2 minutes

Session 3 – Wednesday (recommended)

Row 1km at 2km pace
Rate 2km pace
HR 85%+
Rest None

Make sure to include a good 20 minute warm up before attempting the session above so you’re primed and ready to row

Thursday – Rest day

session 4 – Friday (optional)

Row 4 x 10 minutes
Rate 18-20
HR 60-75%
RPE 5-6
Rest 1 minute

For the last 10 seconds of each 10 minute row burst at 2km pace and rate – no faster

Saturday – RACE DAY!

Congratulations on finishing this eight week 2k training program. Let Cam know how you did over the program by contacting him on Instagram @buchancameron. If you are looking to step on from your 2k, 5k, general fitness level or any other rowing goal don’t hesitate to get in touch and you can sign up to his custom program.