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Bringing the Sutton Hoo Ship back to life

British Rowing Coach Educator Jacq Barnard is project managing a very special boat build in Suffolk. Catherine Larner finds out more

There are any number of reasons why you might decide to form a rowing club, but seeking to re-enact the last voyage of an Anglo-Saxon royal ceremonial ship is probably among the most unusual.

The Sutton Hoo Ship is currently being constructed in Woodbridge, Suffolk, in a unique and ambitious feat of ‘experimental archaeology’ culminating in the launch of the boat on the river, probably in spring 2023. 

A crew of up to 40 competent, experienced oarsmen will be needed to power and manoeuvre the 27-metre vessel and many questions about how that will be achieved are still to be answered.

British Rowing Coach Educator Jacq Barnard is the Sutton Hoo Project manager, tasked with the role of exploring the solutions and she will be inviting rowers to join her in land and river trials ahead of the inaugural outing.


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