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Anna Watkins’ 5 top rowing exercises

Olympic gold medallist Anna Watkins shares her trusted routines to help you sharpen your technique

Exercise 1: Blades on the water

You’re never too good for some paddling with blades on the water. It’s not only that it takes balance out of the equation, it allows you to reset your reference points and patterns.

Start by spending time reminding yourself of the basic sequences- legs-body-arms on the drive, and arms-body-legs on the recovery. Enjoy the simplicity of this, and try to remove any excess tension. Notice quads, glutes, lats and core working, try to relax all other muscles. When you take the blades off, try to change as little as possible – only that modest change to recovery hand heights – and preserve the relaxation. Switch between blades on and blades off a few times.


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