Joanne Harris |

‘This term has been really hard for the kids, they’ve missed so much school’

Over the next six days, we’ll be featuring key workers from the rowing community to find out about their roles and how rowing has supported them during this time. Today Olivia Walters talks to Joanne Harris about her move from coaching to teaching during the pandemic

“Everyone keeps saying ‘oh, your PGCE didn’t teach you how to cope with this’,” says Olivia Walters.

Walters is one term into her year as a newly qualified teacher (NQT), and is reflecting on the last 10 months, which have seen her complete her postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) and start her new career, all during a global pandemic.

“All teachers in the country are having to learn how to teach online, and then for anyone who’s a PGCE or NQT not only are you having to learn how to teach, but you’re also having to learn how to teach online,” Walters says. “It’s been tough, but nearing the end of my first term and feeling quite successful about it is a nice feeling.”


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