Robin Williams |

Coaching: measuring technique

Coach Consultant Robin Williams looks at how you measure technique and how you can be sure it is working

We can constantly measure physical training because it is all about numbers isn’t it?

Boat speeds, stroke rates, splits, ergo scores, weights lifted, hours done and so on. We know what the numbers mean and if they are going in the right direction then we know with certainty that we are making progress, and that gives a sense of reward. But technique is much more subjective. You think you are rowing better but are you really? Where’s the evidence?

Often it just boils down to the coach or teammates saying it looks better or it feels better. So training is factual, technique more about opinion. Or is it? There are ways of checking and as we head into the autumn and winter months it is a good time to get to grips with it and put measuring systems in place.


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