Rebecca Charlton |

“Getting involved in rowing and London Youth Rowing really changed my life”

As part of UK Coaching Week, we spotlight CJ White’s inspirational journey into rowing and how it led him to becoming a Community Coach for London Youth Rowing. He talks to Rebecca Charlton

As most of us have become accustomed to during lockdown I sit down to a Friday Zoom call in my kitchen, on this occasion not for a virtual pub quiz but to interview London Youth Rowing coach CJ White. 

As we chat away, I immediately warm to CJ’s quietly confident manner, but the Chigwell based 25-year-old wasn’t always like this.


“I was 13 or 14 and up until that point I was a very fat, inactive kid. I always wanted to be big, strong and muscly. I just always assumed you were born with the genetics for it or you weren’t, I never understood that you could change your physique if you trained for it,” says CJ. But, in year nine at school he discovered rowing and all that changed.


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