Robin Williams |

Technique self-help: creating that light-bulb moment

Why do some people grasp technique quicker than others? And how can you ensure that you are one of the fast learners? Coach consultant Robin Williams outlines eight areas that might help

Some people pick up technique quite quickly while others take a lot longer. I have always been fascinated by this and what it is that makes it so – is it the person, the environment, or the coach, or perhaps a fortunate coincidence when all three come together?

Something definitely true is that whatever we learn only becomes real when it is fully internalised, that is to say when you feel it is your own idea, as if you had the original thought yourself. Then it is powerful and you have a proper understanding and belief that it is the right way – the proverbial ‘light-bulb moment’ when it suddenly makes sense.

So, how do you make that light bulb come on? How can you progress at the best rate for you?


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