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Week 7 – Faster (S&C)

Mobility Circuit

Before each session you should complete a mobility circuit to get your body ready to work.

Swing arms across chest1 minute at various angles
Hamstring swings30 seconds each leg
Hip flexor stretch30 seconds each side
Rock back to plank position1 minute
Cat stretch1 minute

Session 1

The speed aspect of the training plan becomes apparent this week with some changes to previous exercises, and a slight reduction in load for others. The aim in these final two weeks is to increase the speed at which you perform the reps, to target the muscles in a slightly different way.

Session 2

As the lower body exercises in this training plan are all compound movements, meaning they work all your lower body muscles at the same time, we’re sticking to the same movements you have been doing but reducing the load to reflect the need for an increase in speed of contraction within each exercise. That means a faster speed for the upward part of each exercise (eg standing out of the squat).

Session 3

By this point in the training plan, you should be able to look back and see how far you have come. Seven weeks down with one to go, and more new exercises introduced to challenge you once again.