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Week 6 – Faster (S&C)

Mobility Circuit

Before each session you should complete a mobility circuit to get your body ready to work.

Swing arms across chest1 minute at various angles
Hamstring swings30 seconds each leg
Hip flexor stretch30 seconds each side
Rock back to plank position1 minute
Cat stretch1 minute

Session 1

Consistency is key this week, with no changes from last week’s strength and conditioning sessions. Despite the lack of change in sets or reps hopefully this week will feel easier as you’re more familiar with the exercises. It’s also really good preparation for the changes coming in next week. 

Session 2

The same applies to your lower body session this week. Enjoy the session and let us know how you get on. 

Session 3

The whole body session is a consolidation of all you’ve done earlier in the week, building on the foundations you’ve built over the past few weeks, and continuing to challenge you to enable you to improve.