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Week 4 – Faster (S&C)

Mobility Circuit

Before each session you should complete a mobility circuit to get your body ready to work.

Swing arms across chest1 minute at various angles
Hamstring swings30 seconds each leg
Hip flexor stretch30 seconds each side
Rock back to plank position1 minute
Cat stretch1 minute

Session 1

This is the final week of these upper body exercises before you progress to a new challenge. Enjoy the familiarity with the exercise and prepare your body for next week’s changes.

Session 2

It’s important to appreciate what you’re able to do now in terms of strength training, so this session is the same as last week’s. By now you should be comfortable with the load and movement patterns you’re following ready for next week’s change. 

Session 3

Whilst your strength exercises have been building slowly, the time spent working on your core strength has also been increasing. These exercises, when done properly, will have a massive impact on your performance on the machine, as well as a positive impact on your general posture and health.