British Rowing |

Week 1 – Faster (S&C)

Mobility Circuit

Before each session you should complete a mobility circuit to get your body ready to work.

Swing arms across chest1 minute at various angles
Hamstring swings30 seconds each leg
Hip flexor stretch30 seconds each side
Rock back to plank position1 minute
Cat stretch1 minute

1. Session 1

Use this session to familiarise yourself with the mobility and conditioning movements included in the training plan. It is important to complete these ahead of any strength work you do, to prepare your body for the session and allow it to reap the most benefits. If you’re unsure of any of the movements, check the exercise references in the resources. This week you’ll also be setting your base weights for the exercises. Choose a weight that allows you to complete the stated number of reps with effort but no loss of form.

2. Session 2

Session 1 was your upper body session, and today is your lower body session. The mobility moves stay the same but there are different conditioning exercises getting your body prepped and ready for the lower body strength exercises. Find a good base weight for these exercises too, the same way you did for session 1.

3. Session 3

To round off the week you have a whole body workout today incorporating exercises from both of the previous sessions as well as adding a new one, and finishing with a strong trunk circuit.