Increased discount for the lockdown: 25% off for British Rowing members using the code BRMEMBER2020 at checkout or by following this link to sign up

There has never been a better time to commit to a habit of at-home training. A difficult year just got a little more-so with the latest lockdown / coming winter and asensei is the ultimate solution for online training using your Concept2 PM5 equipped rower. Download the asensei app, connect to your Concept2 PM5 rower and learn from master instructors alongside the record-breaking GB Rowing Team.

New to the sport or not, with the asensei app, you will become a better, stronger and more confident rower.

During lockdown, for the month of November we’re offering British Rowing members 25% off an annual asensei membership (normally 10%) using the discount code BRMEMBER2020.

 In addition to the British Rowing “Master the Basics” program, you have access to over 150 workouts and programs from world-class athletes and coaches including 4x Team New Zealand Olympian Eric Murray, Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing and studio-fitness workouts from San Francisco rowing coach Johan Quie. asensei tailors each workout to your previous performances, mixing technique training with workouts that include real-time coaching and personalized challenges.

You can train 24/7 with all of these coaches for the equivalent of less than [about] £8 a month.

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